9301 R a3 blow parts stretch blow moulder Blowing mould machines spare parts

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Application: Blowing mould machines for Beverage manufacture/ Food Factory.
Shipping and Package: Carton, DHL/ FedEx
Sample: Available/ Free
OEM service: Available
Payment:T/T, L/C
HSC Machinery Co,Ltd., HSC spare Parts , SILDE, KHS, Glass Filler, Filling Valve for Bottle, Glue pallets labeller supplies, Gripper pads cylinder and glue roller, clamp cpl, Lift cylinder, O-rings, bushings, Labelling Machine.

HSC spare parts can be perfectly installed and applied with various packaging machinery including KRONES® SIDEL® KHS® HUSKY®.
All parts offered by HSC Machinery Co., LTD are manufactured by or for HSC Machinery Co., LTD. and not by or for the Original Equipment Manufacturer (KRONES® SIDEL® KHS® HUSKY® AND OTHERS.). Part numbers shown that are those of the Original Equipment Manufacturer, if any, are used for reference purposes only. HSC Machinery Co., LTD is an independent supplier of quality replacement parts having no affiliation with any original equipment manufacturer.

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Stretch blow moulders, krones blowing machine spare parts,KHS blowing mould machines,Blowing hose CPL,Blowing HAMMER, Blowing Silencer,Blowing CHAIN LINK ASY, stretch blow moulder,like a krones shop for ® KHS® SIDEL®.blow moulding. Including the PET blowing machine spare parts, stretch blow moulders, krones blowing machine spare parts,KHS blowing mould machines, Blowing hose CPL, Blowing HAMMER, Blowing Silencer, Blowing CHAIN LINK ASY, stretch blow moulder,like a krones shop for ® KHS® SIDEL®. blow moulding Blow mold spares krones clamp parts for , KHS, Sidel, SIPA and SMI in stock.

To maximise your uptime, HSC Spare Parts Services deliver superior quality parts in full and with shorter lead times. Our parts are extremely durable and can be installed on all types of ,KHS,Sidel equipment worldwide to keep your production lines running optimally.

Product parameters

Products name: 9301 R a3 krones blow parts stretch blow moulder Blowing mould machines spare parts
Brand for use: machines spare parts, Sidel machines spare parts, KHS machines spare parts,Sipa, Tetra Pak, Tech-Long brand etc.
Application: Beverage manufacture/Food Factory.
Material: Stainless steel, PTFE, copper, aluminum alloy, steel, rubber, plastic, nylon and other materials ect.
Package: Carton,DHL/FedEx
Payment: T/T,L/C
Sample: Available/Free


1. Q: What brand of spare parts do you supply?
A: We supply ,KHS,Sidel machinery brand as replacement spare parts.
2. Q: Is HSC Machinery a factory or a trading company?
A: Factory, HSC are A manufacturer,and our factory is located in Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.
3. Q: Do you produce spare parts by yourself or original?
A: Our products are mainly customized processing. Some spare parts are original.
4. Q: How about the quality of your parts?
A:We guarantee the selection of high-quality raw materials, the quality of which is close to the original . If there is any quality problem, we will be responsible for returning or replacing.
5. Q: What are the methods of packaging and transportation of the spare parts?
A: Packing method: most of them are cartons. Each spare part of our spare parts will be packed in cartons after being classified in sealed bags with label paper. We will pack the spare parts of the lamps in foam cartons + plywood wooden cases.
Mode of transportation: Because the spare parts are relatively small, we choose to transport by air, which is efficient and safe.
6. Q: What is your after-sales guarantee and how can I trust your company?
A: HSC machines promises that our spare parts can be returned or replaced at any time within three months after sale due to quality or use problems; Ensure customers' consumption rights and interests.

Application scenarios

Stretch blowing molding replacement spare parts.( ,KHS ,SIDEL).

HSC has our own workshop to produce spare parts, and we have our own warehouse to store spare parts and deliver them to customers at any time.


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